A new or used car? These are the advantages and disadvantages

If your car will be affected by the new Today No Circulation and you have thought of buying another, we invite you to take into account these points before deciding if you opt for a new or used vehicle.

Check your budget

The first thing before buying a new or used car is to review your budget, as the decision should depend on your financial responsibilities.

Characteristics of the car

The second point to analyze should be to consider some characteristics of the vehicle, such as size, number of people to be transported, cargo space, safety measures, a distance of the trips for which you plan to use it and the fuel efficiency you are looking for.


A point that you should not forget when evaluating buying a car is insurance because whether it is new or used, to ensure your vehicle you will have to pay an important amount.


Price and costs

Your purchase is more accessible not only because the price is lower, but because the related expenses such as insurance and tenure are also lowers. Also one can apply for online car loan approvals in case of old car.


Who bought it new absorbed the impact of the depreciation, so if at some point you decide to sell it, the difference with respect to what you paid will not be so radical.


“Once the warranty expires, you will not be forced to take it to the automotive agency to maintain it, which will allow you to access maintenance services with another supplier and find a better price,”


Maintenance. It is possible that due to use and seniority, you have mechanical, electrical or other problems, which you should cover since it is very likely that the guarantee is no longer valid. Buy used cars with help ofonline car loan approvals.

History of the vehicle.

 You do not know if he suffered a shock or some major repair, which at first glance cannot be perceived, but could affect its operation. To this, we must add that you will not know the conditions of use or maintenance that the owner or owners gave him.

Technological advances. Because the vehicle was manufactured years ago, it will not have the advances in terms of safety and fuel consumption, among others.

If you have already decided to buy a used car you can buy it not only with a private individual but also in lots where used cars are offered or in the semi-auto sections of the auto agencies.

When buying it, the supplier is obliged to deliver an invoice, receipt or voucher in which the specific data of the commercialization and that proves the ownership of the used vehicle.


  • Guarantee. In case of any damage, the agency gives you the repair guarantee.
  • Maintenance. It will not require maintenance until after the first 10 thousand or 15 thousand km (depending on the brand).
  • Technological advances .It will have the latest technological advances in terms of safety and fuel consumption, among others.

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