Know-How – Improve your car’s mileage by following these simple tips

Nowadays, gasoline prices have gained an increasing hike of late, and this is causing a wave of the motorist to trade their stalwart sedans for a less fuel-efficient SUV and similar trucks. In 2018 alone, fuel cost is at its highest level ever recorded in five years. Although this is a lower number compared in 2008, this is still an alarming situation that every motorist should be concern about. Regardless if you’re driving a brand-new crossover or just sticking to your old reliable ride, it does not matter because a gallon of gas can only do so much and it will only take you farther than you thought. Driving a car with the modern high-compression turbocharged engine will also not help, it will even cost you more than usual.

Let’s take a look at these simple tips to help you improve your car’s mileage.

Reduce Excess Weight

Having kids of stuff and junk at the back of your car can cause your vehicle to weigh more. It’s not a good idea to put extra weight on the rear axle of your front-wheel drive, this could make your front wheels grip even less, thus reducing your mileage. Also, extra weight means that the engine has to work a little harder to keep the car moving, this can also reduce mileage. Make sure to reduce weight, this will get you a mile farther for two more per gallon.

Properly Inflate Tires

A lot of people often overlook this kind of strategy. Inflating your tires slightly low, even if undetectable to the eye could significantly reduce your mileage. Low inflated tires will reduce your mileage significantly because your car will require more gas to move the car.

Replace Air Filter and Spark Plugs

Replacing the air filter and spark plugs is a great way to make your car last longer. This is the ideal routine checkup that every car owner should do. However, this is not the only benefit of air filters and spark plugs. Replacing it will also help your engine burn gas more effectively. This is simple maintenance that everyone can do, make sure to do it diligently.

Use the Recommended Motor Oil

Car engines are designed to work properly with specific types of oil, especially the ones that are recommended to it. So do not think that using an old type of motor oil will work for your car well. Chances are if you use another oil other than the recommended, this could create too much friction causing the engine to work harder and burn more fuel.

Check Your Gas Cap Seal

The rubber seal on your gas cap will eventually start to break down over time, this allows oxygen to leak into the gas tank causing an overabundance of air to enter the engine as it pulls the gas from its tank. Because of this, the engine will burn more gas than usual.

There are tons of ways that you can improve your gas mileage, the examples are the most common and effective tips you can do. If better mileage is your concern for a long journey, you can always opt for a budget car rental. Car rental companies have a new car model offered for rent which typically has better performance and better mileage. For more information, visit los angeles car rental and get the best deals of car rental.

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