What To Consider Before Buying A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

Due to modern automobile manufacturing technology, physically disabled persons are no longer denied their mobility. Specialised vehicles are now available, that keep the limitations and space constraints of wheelchair-bound individuals.

These are known as WAV vehicles (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles) and they allow a person on a wheelchair to sit in inside without getting out of the wheelchair. In other words, such vehicles accommodate the wheelchair of the person and they doesn’t have to move from their wheelchair to the seat of the vehicle.

Such vehicles are of great use to physically disabled people as they offer increased mobility and give them a sense of freedom and independence. In addition, they save a lot of time when such people have to travel. These vehicles are also safer for travel. But how do you decide on which wheelchair compatible vehicle is most suitable? Here is a handy guide.

What’s its purchasing and maintenance cost?

A good deal of attention has to be given to your budget before choosing a vehicle accessible by wheelchair. One should not only consider the cost price, but also its maintenance costs, insurance costs, and fuel consumption.

How big are your garage and driveway?

Since your vehicle would be parked in your driveway or garage, it is important to consider their sizes. Keep in mind that the overall size of WAV vehicles includes an extended ramp.

What is its design?

By design, we don’t only mean the looks. It is important to see how easily are you able to get inside and come out of the vehicle without straining or maneuvering your wheelchair unreasonably. If the wheelchair-bound person is also the driver of the vehicle, it is important to assess the ease with which he/ she can control the vehicle.

What are the vehicle’s safety features?

The vehicle should be compliant with the latest recommend safety features to avoid risking the lives of the driver and the family. It is important to know about the carbon emission rating of the vehicle and any other special features it may have.

How much space do you need?

Depending on the size of your family and the nature of your trips, your space requirements will vary. It is best to shortlist WAV vehicles that have enough room for all your family members and all your luggage and equipment.

It is important to ask yourself all the questions mentioned above before investing in a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

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