Essential Christian Teachings That Christians Should Know

There are many misconceptions about Christianity and what the Christian faith actually teaches. Since so many doctrines have been added to the Christian religion, many may be confused as to what Christianity actually teaches.

Let’s look at 5 essential concepts Christians need to understand.

1. Christianity does not exist without the Resurrection.

The central faith of Christianity is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A simple explanation for why this is in the spotlight: Christ’s resurrection was his proof that he was not just a man, he is God. It was also about proving that he is the savior of humanity.

2. God is Jesus.

Although Islam teaches that Jesus is a prophet and Judaism teaches something else, the Bible teaches that Jesus was very clear: He is God. He never said that he was a man, a prophet. These beliefs represent a misinterpretation of the Christian Bible as well as heresy.

3. Saved by faith, subject to grace, not judged by the law.

One of the biggest misconceptions unbelievers make when it comes to Christians is that they believe that Christians believe in their perfection. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

We understand that we are sinners and that the only way to heaven and to Christ is to accept Jesus as the Messiah.

Christians are subject to grace simply because grace is an undeserved gift of God’s love. After all, Christians will not be judged by whether they go to heaven or hell, but by what their reward will be in heaven.

4. Love God, love your neighbor, love yourself.

There are ten commandments in the Old Testament. When asked about keeping the Ten Commandments, Jesus said essentially the same thing in every gospel: that we love God, we love our neighbor, and then we love ourselves.

The Bible clearly says that the neighbor is anyone, and the brother is the partner of faith in Christ. Essentially, Christ told us to love all people.

Loving another person is very different from loving someone. When you like a person, what matters is who they are. Love is who you are. Moreover, the Bible tells us that God is love. Since God is love, then in order to love others, God must be a part of your life. Otherwise, it is not love at all.

5. Salvation has nothing to do with being good.

In one of the gospels, someone says that Jesus is kind. Jesus responded by stating that only God is good. In truth, none of us are good. Nobody is good.

To receive salvation at shincheonji website, you need to accept Christ as your Savior and believe in Him. It is about recognizing that Christ is the only way to eternal life, and not good works, purgatory, or “being good.”

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