How IoT will impact the accounting and billing system?

Internet of Things (IoT) is a cutting-edge technology that has taken the world by storm. The technology has shown immense potential to modernize every sector including the accountancy sector.

If you don’t know about IoT. Then, IoT refers to a system of interconnected devices, appliances or machines that communicate with each other and exchange data without the need of any human intervention. Though various components of this technology such as tracking devices, pacemakers have been in existence for several years, IoT demonstrated its full potential when the devices were connected via the internet.

It is believed that IoT can remodel the accounting and billing system. Since it connects all the devices globally, the data harvested by each connected device can be translated into stellar strategies. IoT can be used with online billing software to automate the process of accounting & billing and to improve its overall productivity. Thus, IoT has full potential to enhance the accounting system in many ways.

Stress-free and seamless accounting

An audit is an integral part of every organization. However, only those people who are on the receiving side can understand the pain, stress, and chaos that is involved in the pre-auditing period.

Before an audit, all the members of the accounting team gather the financial data and compile it properly for the auditors to check. This process could be hassle-free if all the ledgers were connected, transactions and other entries like donations were recorded, sorted and verified in real-time and the status of each transaction was trackable. This would save plenty of time as well as efforts of the entire team and even reduce the paperwork involved. Well, IoT has the power to make all this possible.

In fact, it has the tendency to empower the businesses to use connected tools and analyze, consolidate, store and process the financial data in real-time. In this way, it leads to little or no stress on the accounting team.   

Cost and time optimization         

IoT connects devices to each other which considerably leads to cost, time and process optimization.  Using IoT, the businesses can have better information about their workforce. They can easily find out what their employees are doing and where they are, so they can assess the downtime, most productive time, most productive employee and even decipher the area/employee that needs replacement.

IoT facilitates the businesses to leverage the power of information to carry out performance appraisal of every employee. In this way, IoT empowers the organization and allows it to optimize all its processes.     

Track assets and inventory

For any organization, inventory tracking is a tedious and intimidating process. Tracking everything from a single piece shipped to the customers across the globe to the goods coming in, can create chaotic situations. However, businesses can leverage the power of IoT to enhance the process of inventory tracking. The products can be integrated with the RFID chip that facilitates tracking. It gives data related to the exact location of the product, its name, its usability, current status (whether in use or not in use) and the name of the person who has/owns it. Not just tracking, but IoT helps in overall inventory management.

Businesses can deploy this technology to update and maintain its stocks in real-time. Smart shelving can be created that allows the business to find the details of inventory at any time. This information can then be employed by businesses to make decisions whether they need to order a particular product or not along with the quantity required. This prevents unnecessary wastage and it even avoids the situation of depleted stocks.     

Enhanced Performance

IoT facilitates predictive maintenance whereby it intimates well before the time if any machine or device needs maintenance. With proper maintenance of all its devices and machines, businesses can work productively and garner customer satisfaction.  Furthermore, the predictive trait of IoT technology can be leveraged by the accounting team in allocating their budget as they’d be aware of the things that need maintenance.

In the future, businesses can use IoT devices that would provide them with constructive updates in real-time. This data analysis would empower the businesses to make better business plans and lead to improved resource allocation. It would even help the businesses in cutting the operational costs and other expenditures, optimizing processes and solving all the problems promptly.  

Furthermore, businesses of all sizes would get access to big data and instantaneous information of sales and cash flow that would help them to figure out the strategies that work for them and those that doesn’t. In this way, IoT will surely enhance the performance.     

Provide more accurate quotes

Costing is an imperative factor for any business. Many times, businesses quote a very low price for a project, just to acquire it. However, later on they realize that the quote is not viable for them and this lands them in an unfavorable situation.  This situation of loss can easily be prevented if businesses had some data or information about the existing trends.

IoT serves as handy to provide accurate quotes. It mines valuable insights and uses historical analytics to help the businesses in their decisions. It assists the enterprises in accurately calculating a suitable quote for the project as it gives an approximate of the cost of raw material, amount of manpower required for the task, time needed, machine needed and other factors that help in working out the final cost. Thus, the company and its members receive payments worth their efforts which leads to a happy accounting team. 

Keep employees healthier

The health of an employee may not directly enhance accounting, but it impacts the bottom line of any company. Businesses can use IoT powered devices (wearables) to keep a track on the health of their employees. The businesses can get insights into the work of the employee so they can easily check whether the employees are getting sufficient break and recreation time.

Taking care of the health of the employees makes them happy, healthy and more productive. It would ensure less sick days thereby leading to reduced turnover of the employee. 

Closing note

IoT will surely serve as a game changer in the accountancy sector. It shows all the potential to revolutionize the sector. However, it would take some time for the businesses to embrace the technology and make it mainstream.

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