Is Gold a Smart Investment in Dubai?

One of the most popular investment options among the residents of UAE is gold but is it really a smart investment option in Dubai? Would it really matter if you purchase gold bars or if you purchase Jewellery for investment purposes? Well, we are going to answer all your questions and we will share the viewpoint of Sanjay Choudhary on that. Before we begin, let us tell you that Sanjay Choudhary is a popular financial advisor in Dubai and he is associated with Koda Financial Consultancy. Sanjay Choudhary Koda Consultancy can always be reached out to seek investment advice and other such services.

So, Is Gold Really a Smart Investment?

Coming back to the main point about gold being the smart investment in Dubai. The first thing that we would like to mention is that a lot of people consider it auspicious to buy this precious metal. It is a part of the culture for South Asians so this way, it no just acts as in investment but it also has a cultural significance.

Another factor that contributes to the popularity of gold is that it is very easy to evaluate the real value of the gold. The purity and weight are just two main factors that are paid attention to and there is no grey area in those things. Moreover, it acts more like a liquid asset which can be sold anytime when you are in need of cash. This makes saving a lot easier.

Apart from this, if you have gold, it is also a safe investment. The market rates are not volatile which ensures that your investment is protected against uncertainty. Share prices go up and down but the gold prices are usually on the rise so it keeps your investment safe.

Apart from all the details listed above, Gold can also be used to obtain loans as gold can prove to be valuable collateral in such a case.

What is preferable, Gold Coins or Jewellery?

In terms of the form, you can invest in Jewellery or in coins. That doesn’t really impact the value of the gold and hence if you are fond of jeweller then you can invest in Jewellery but if you are not very fond of Jewellery then you can purchase gold coins.What is important is to seek advice from a financial advisor like Sanjay Choudhary.

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