NUMIIS: Things You Need to Know About Half Dollar Coins

The term “half a dollar” applies to a quarter of many denominations that are referred to as “dollar”.  Usually, $1 is segmented into 100 cents, meaning half a dollar is equal to 50 cents. Coins or bills of that sum must, as such, be denominated at a price of 50 cents. Over a handful of countries have had their own one-dollar coin, but few of them use 50 cents or half a dollar. It is the arise in a number coin in the United States today manufactured in each of these weights and size. With a diameter of 1,205 inches (30,61 millimeters) and a width of 0,085 inches (2,16 mm) and weight of twice the half. The layout of the coin has experienced a variety of changes over its existence. Since 1964, the half dollar shows the face of President John F. Kennedy on the front. Also, the emblem of the President of this Country on the rear.

Its current appeal in the current generation

            While not widely used nowadays, half dollar coin has a strong tradition of extensive use. With other old currency denominations. But have fallen out of circulation for several factors. They were manufactured in reasonably huge volumes until the year 2002. While the United States Mint started making a coin for common usage. As a direct consequence of its dwindling use. Several half-dollars persisted. In the Federal Reserve vaults prior to 2002, leading to a shift in demand. Currently, half a dollar collector can be bought directly from the U.S. Mint. Also, half-dollar distribution before 2002 could be ordered from most U.S. banks. Below are the available coins that NUMIIS has:

  • Flowing Hair Half Dollars


  • Draped Bust Half Dollars


  • Capped Bust Lettered Edge Half Dollars


  • Capped Bust Reeded Edge Half Dollars


  • Seated Liberty Half Dollars


  • Barber Half Dollars


  • Walking Liberty Half Dollars


  • Franklin Half Dollars


  • Kennedy Half Dollars


            Half-dollar coins were once commonly used. Especially in the first quarter of the twentieth century. For several years, they have been and still are widely used by players. Like at casinos and other casino slot locations. Half-dollar rolls can also be maintained on board in card rooms. For games involving 50-cent pre-or bring-in bets. for dealers paying winning curves in blackjack. More so, where the house earns brace infractions. In relation, some merchandise sellers at sports events are selling half-dollar coins. They do this as a comfort upgrade.

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