Signs and Symptoms That Reflect You Have Kyphosis


Kyphosis refers to the rounded back or poor posture of the spine. The standard curve of the spine is an inward bending, but a person suffering from Kyphosis has an outward bulge in the spine. The disorder not only affects the spine in terms of pain or inability to perform several activities but also there exist significant changes in the appearance of the patient.

However, if the curve is less than ten degrees, it may not be visible. In the case of curves higher than 20 degrees, it not only hampers your posture but, it also reflects some undesirable signs and symptoms. 

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Common Signs and Symptoms of Kyphosis:

Signs and symptoms of kyphosis usually vary from one patient to another, depending on their overall health. However, there are few of the common symptoms that details that a patient must undergo the treatment. If the patient has to take up with surgery or not, the doctors can decide only after the diagnosis of the patient.

The diagnosis procedure usually involves blood tests, imaging tests and a few other tests to check that the patient does not have any severe health disorder apart from kyphosis. 

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Approach the doctor at the earliest, if you observe the following signs or changes in your body:

  • The first sign of kyphosis that is obvious and visible to all is a hump on the back. However, the hump has particular symptoms along with it like back pain, stiffness, fatigue etc.
  • In case the situation worsens, the hunch on the back can increase to higher degrees and the problems also increase if you leave it untreated. The spinal disorder then results in neurological disorders like loss of sensation, inability to control body actions, bowel and bladder disorders etc.
  • The person suffering from kyphosis has issues in sitting for a prolonged time, carrying heavy weights, performing daily chores and severe pain while changing positions from sitting to standing or vice-versa. In severe cases, the patient has problems even in lying down and sleeping.
  • When the patient in spite of the higher degree of curve in the back does not visit the doctor, he can suffer symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain and other cardiac disorders.

Final Words:

Ignoring kyphosis is not advisable. As the signs and symptoms of kyphosis are visible and also the successful treatment of this spinal disorder is possible. If you do not find cost-effective therapy in your country, you can plan your medical tourism to India. Kyphosis Treatment Cost in India is approximately five times less in comparison to other countries of the world like the US and the UK. So, in short, the treatment of kyphosis in India is affordable for all.

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