Volunteer trips abroad

Volunteering abroad is leap empirical into real world. Being a volunteer, you will work towards your long-term objectives to address needs identified by local community members.

If you are looking for a significant travel experience, then The Hope Homes plans international volunteer trips according to your budget and schedule.

The places for volunteer trips abroad are as follows:-

  • Bali: In bail, you can travel to the cultural centre of ubud where you can volunteer with a teaching project, with construction and renovation, environmental education and healthcare education. You can also go to Coastal town of Lovina where you can give a hand with kindergarten support and teaching. In your free time, you can go for diving and snorkeling, embark on cycling and visit temples and waterfalls. Bali trip starts from one week at fair price.
  • South Africa: In South Africa, you can travel to Cape Town and table view for volunteer.  In Cape Town, you can choose between childcare, teaching and computer training. If you decide to volunteer Table view which supports students from low-income communities. The table view volunteering trip involves Kindergarten, special needs and the holiday care project which keeps students active and engaged during their school holidays. During your free time, you can travel the garden area and even for a long weekend.
  • Costa Rica: start on an adventure to Costa Rica with hope homes where you can choose from many different volunteer programs in San Jose and Manuel Antonio. You can be a part of the following programs:-
  • Childcare and work with children at school
  • Slowpoke conversation and research
  • Healthcare at clinics for disabled person
  • Construction and renovation
  • Teaching English at schools or homes
  • Eco-agricultural conversion
  • Special needs care of needy students

During your free-time, you can go to sites at San Jose and other places of country.

  • Italy: You can travel to Naples for two to twelve weeks for volunteer program. Where you can:-
  • Up-skill English at a public school
  • Take part in an after school care initiative which aims to keep student off of the street
  • Preserve UNESCO world heritage sites around Naples including protective marine life
  • Provide support to local NGOs working in the areas of community development, child and young welfare, immigration and human rights.
  • Cambodia: Cambodia is located in the rural province of Takeo which is approximately 1 hour south of Phnom Penh. Volunteers can up-skill English at a community School of Cambodia providing disable students with the tools to get meaningful environment and stop the cycle of poverty.
  • Nepal: Being a volunteer in Nepal, people are soughtascaregiversat Orphanages, teaching assistants at schools and counsellors for women and girl who have been victims of human trafficking and abuse. Because of the many volunteer opportunities, Nepal is the great place for organisations to volunteer together.

The Hope Homes helps you to volunteer trips abroad.  You can get in touch with them for more information.

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