5 Outstanding Coloring Apps for Kids

Coloring apps have gained popularity worldwide over recent years. Most software developers focus on creating unique applications to attract prospective clients. However, some parents struggle to choose the right coloring app for kids. We present to you five top coloring applications for children.

1. Zoolingo

Zoolingo is an educational application that is ideal for kindergartners. It comprises different sections including Nursery Rhymes. You can use it to teach your kid basic English vocabularies. It also strengthens their counting skills. Your child will improve their hand-eye coordination as they sing along.

Zoolingo has advanced numerical games. They improve the counting skills of any child. The numeric sense promotes face-to-face correspondence and pattern creation. It is suitable for autistic children. Any child can spend several hours learning about animals. Animal puzzles improve your kid’s cognitive development, confidence and socialization skills. Also, they can learn alphabets in over 10 languages.

Most kids like bright colors. Zoolingo has 11 distinct colors that make the coloring game a thrilling experience. They can keep kids engaged for long. It prepares them for advanced learning games including coloring objects and coloring lines.

2. Coloring Book of Dogs

Coloring Book of Dogs is recommended for kids who love puppies. It allows them to color different puppy breeds. Besides, your kid can draw their pet on a blank page. It offers unlimited fun for children of all ages. The application is ideal for iPad and MacBook. It has pictures which fill the whole screen. Coloring Book of Dogs is pre-installed in most iOS devices.

3. Zen Coloring Book

Many kids like passing time with a Zen Coloring Book. It has a lifelike color that darkens when a child presses the mouse. The app has sophisticated designs that keep kids occupied for long. Your child can use different textures including brick, canvas, silk, and leather to color.

Modern iOS devices come with an in-built Zen Coloring Book. Its coloring pages create a lifelike sensation. They do not require advanced paint brushing skills. Besides, there is a wide array of designs to choose from. You can add certain updates to increase the overall appearance and speed of the Zen Book.

4. Recolor

The recolor is an advanced coloring app for kids. It allows kids to color 3D and flat pictures for fun. Recolor offers different colors and patterns to use. It is appropriate for any child. The app has over 1,000 pictures to keep your child engaged.

A standard subscription provides numerous images daily. It unlocks the catalog for your child to enjoy. The app is available in Android and iOS devices. It constitutes complex designs fit for all ages. However, you might have to purchase particular designs and images using tokens. Each kid is awarded tokens when they watch ads and videos.

5. Colorfy

Google voted Colorfy as one of the best coloring apps for kids in 2015. It has high-quality pictures and a special virtual gallery that offers a real-life experience. The premium option unlocks different coloring tools and pages. All Android and iOS devices have an in-built Colorfy app.

Many Android and iOS devices can support an advanced coloring app for kids. They allow your child to color using numbers or 3D features. However, some applications are free while others need premium access. They offer an enjoyable coloring experience.

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