Make Yourself Skilled With SAFe Certified Product Owner Training in Hyderabad

The standard SAFe skills, knowledge, and mindset can be acquired by enrolling in a professional certification program which incorporates valid, reliable and consistent methods of assessing SAFe skills. SAFe and Product Owner enthusiasts can join Product Owner Training in Hyderabad which imbibes SAFe skillset.

A certified SAFe Product Owner serves as the link between the team that engages in development work and the team that carries out the operations. Further to this, the Product Owner works with the management of the Product like maintaining backlogs, and other stakeholders- which also include other Product Owners.

The work encompasses prioritizing events in the team backlog so that the technical integrity of the system is maintained and the features and components of the program function in a lucid manner. This expertise in the domain of the software development framework is available in the capital region of the state, and one can look forward to joining SAFe Training in Hyderabad.

Certified SAFe professionals are recognized globally for their unique expertise in successfully transforming organizations into Lean-Agile enterprises. After a SAFe certification as a Product Owner, the key areas of competency for the learner will include:

  • Applying SAFe to scale Lean and Agile development within the organization
  • Enable the learner to apply Lean-Agile Mindset and principles
  • To be able to plan and execute the increments of the program.
  • Executing and releasing value through Agile Release Trains
  • To be able to build an Agile portfolio with Lean-Agile expenditure.

The above competencies enable the learners to get placed in top-notch MNCs, and that becomes possible when one enrolls in a SAFe Training in Hyderabad. SAFe training is recommended for those learners who excel in software development languages and have knowledge of project management.

The knowledge workers of today thrive on challenging work, who seek a responsible outlook during the journey of their career while simultaneously seeking the meaning and purpose of its growth and development. The Product Owner Training in Hyderabad which imbibes SAFe skillset, helps individuals shape their careers by accessing knowledge resources and conducting sessions that impart intensive learning program with a focus on storytelling and pictorials. Moreover, building networks among the leaner groups also help in shedding lights on fragile areas of the course.

SAFe Training in Hyderabad from a leading institute encourages personal growth by showcasing a catalogue of role-based courses. The pursuers of the course can customize their Lean-Agile journey by attending Scaled Agile courses.

For an industry-modeled guide to delivering value in a Lean enterprise, one needs to develop the skillsets of the SAFe procedure. Learners will enrich their knowledge with activities, tools, and mechanics that are used to manage backlogs and programs. By becoming a SAFe Product Owner certified learner, one will adequately understand the continuous Delivery Pipeline and the DevOps culture.

It only takes a few steps to enroll in an intensive Product Owner Training in Hyderabad, and as a matter of fact, Xebia Academy excels in providing the top-notch SAFe learning certification program.

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