Prom Dresses Fabric – The Ultimate Guide!

Picking out  prom dress is your responsibility, and you should know what kind of fabric works with your body type such that you can pick out one as soon as possible. This would also leave you with ample time to make or fix the alterations which might be required to customise it to your liking. Mix and match the fabric as per the dress,and you would be the best-dressed person in the prom.

What fabrics should you choose from?

There are generic fabrics like cotton, silk, georgette etc., which make up for most of the clothing. But prom dresses are supposed to be special,and you need to pick out something nice which looks classy and fancy at the same time. But does that mean that you blow a hole in your pockets just picking out the fabric? Well, that might not be necessary. Picking out the fabric might not be the easiest task,so here we are, to help you out choose from a plethora such that you have it easy.

  1. Velvet

Velvet is hands down the gorgeous fabric that exists. It is soft, elegant, rich, and has the right amount of drama that makes you stand out. The depth of the fabric makes up for the kind of look that you are aiming for. It can be sexy and feminine at the same. All you need to decide is the combination fabric to go with it which can either be a synthetic fabric or even silk.

Pick out something opulent like the marbled velvet which has the opulence and allows beautiful light shifts.

  • Chiffon

Constructed from a layer of fabrics, chiffon is light, easy to work with and a fine fabric which we have been crushing on for a while. It is a simple and plain weave which is made from loosely twisted yarns. It is soft, supple, fine, transparent, and makes up for most things beautiful.

If a heavy fabric is not to your liking, pick out chiffon for a better drape. If confused, pick out silk chiffon for best results.

  • Georgette

Ideally made from silk, but synthetic georgette has graced industries for years. It is cheaper, has a crepe-like texture, is bouncy and has a super tight weave. Given that it holds up well and is easy to wear, you can always pick out a poly silk georgette fabric for your prom dress.

  • Crepe

It is a flowing fabric which is smooth, bouncy and has a slightly grainy texture. It has a matte face and super smooth finish. It is soft and silk-like to give you the kind of elegance you are looking for. If you have to choose between satin and crepe, well, we vote for a crepe.

These are the suitable fabric that offers prom dress an amazing look. Choose wisely to ensure the best fit for yourself. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding prom dress fabrics and styles.

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