Facial Fat Grafting in Practice

The system is regularly performed under unadulterated neighborhood anesthesia. It is not any more excruciating than an infusion of hyaluronic acid. You can likewise settle on neuroleptanalgesia (intensive neighborhood anesthesia with intravenous tranquilizers). This requires a pre-analgesic counsel for at any rate 48 hours before surgery. The results are straightforward and ordinary public activity can be viewed as 48 hours after fat transfer. The cutting edge systems of purging of the fat make it conceivable to keep away from the wounds on the face, nonetheless, slight edema is available during 48 hours as a result of the over-revision.

The Specificities of Our Facial Fat Transfer

We never again utilize the customary technique for fat cleaning by centrifugation. For sure we imagine that it is unreasonably forceful for the fat and that it gives a fat too minimal to be in any way ready to be infused by a fine cannula. We just utilize dispensable channels (Puregraft and Lipogems) which have numerous points of interest:

1. it is a shut framework that permits treatment of fat without bacterial sullying

2. the sanitization is finished by filtration and washing which permits to absolutely dispose of the blood and the oil in charge of blues and aggravation on the face

3. the fat acquired is extremely liquid which permits infusion by exceptionally dainty cannulas (21 or 23 checks) making this intercession conceivable under unadulterated neighborhood anesthesia.

4. the fat is better, there is less danger of having unattractive fat balls after infusion

What are the contrasts between a facial fat transfer and a hyaluronic acid infusion?

The crucial contrast originates from the dependability of the impacts of fat transfer to face some time. When the fat is taken, the volume won’t diminish and no recharging of infusion is vital. Furthermore, it is an autologous item, ie from your own body. No long haul provocative response is conceivable as can be seen with the infusion of outside items, for example, hyaluronic acid which, despite the fact that cleaned, contains synthetic stabilizers, for example, BDDE.

The fat, in any case, has a few weaknesses. It infuses in bigger amounts than hyaluronic acid.

It is along these lines not reasonable for the remedy of fine wrinkles or regions where the skin is slim like dark circles.

Furthermore, it will in general spread out while some thick filling items permit a superior projection and a change of the volumetry of the face progressively exact (specifically in the treatment of the wrinkle of the valley of tears).

In this way we utilize fat transfer in the principal expectation in the redress of profound wrinkles (nasolabial overlays and creases of harshness) and in the expansion of volume of the cheekbones.

We want to utilize low thought hyaluronic acid in the treatment of barely recognizable differences (fronts or lips) and Radiesse in the treatment of the valley of tears by volumetry.

What are the Complications identified with Face Fat Grafting?

For instance, substantial smoking incredibly brings down engraftment. One can by the by think about that in prepared hands, a catch level of half to 60% is normal. By coordinating, the fat can make little groups or balls that can’t be seen however can feel to the touch. Along these lines, it is smarter to infuse it profoundly. At long last, due to the fundamental amendment, the face is oedematous for 2 to 4 days after the technique.

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