The changing environment has brought in many hazards in the life process now a days. The havoc makes the life irritating and chaotic which deviates the focus of achieving something big in life. Among all such problems, hair fall at rapid rate disturbs the person and somehow the solution is needed for the same. Hair is considered to be the symbol of beauty since ages. It is still believed that the people with long, black and beautiful hair are smart and beautiful. So, it is significant to give timely care to hair.

Causes of Hair fall

It is not worthless to say that today’s lifestyle is one of the major reasons for hair fall. Consequently, the medicated shampoo India is available in the market which are very promising and gives well confirmed assurance that the problem will vanish with the usage of the medicated shampoo. There are many reasons for hair fall like lack of nutrition, pollution, dust, dandruff, chemical based shampoo, coloring hair and so on.

Hair fall remedies

 Gone are the days when the proper care has been given to hair by applying all Ayurvedic and herbal products available at home. They never thought of applying such chemical based soaps available in the market which are unsafe for hair. They trusted the products available at home so much that they completely rely on these herbs. If the ancient methods are followed by the present generation, they will definitely be able to cure the problem of hair fall. The first and the foremost aspect is to provide proper nutrition and good strength to hair by adding fibrous, nutritious and healthy food in the diet. The more focus is to be given on the food with lots of protein in it. Undoubtedly, the proper care denotes dust free scalp which can only be acquired by regular oiling and washing. 

Medicated Shampoo in India

 India is a land where Ayurveda has been originated and it is an integral part of every home.  The medicated shampoo available in India are completely based upon some herbs and plants with medicinal properties in it. The medicated shampoos have an ingredient like neem, aloe vera, fenugreek, heena, Brahmi, bhringraj, hibiscus, shikakai, amla etc. which are essential ingredients to take proper care of hair. All these herbs eliminate the hair problem and give shine and length to the hair. Such kind of shampoos are completely chemical free and are very safe in usage. The important points which should be kept in mind while giving medicinal treatment to hair.

  • Comb should be washed and cleaned frequently 
  • Pillow covers should be neat and clean 
  • Hair should be often oiled and washed twice or thrice a week
  • Avoid eating unhealthy food 
  • Hair should not be exposed to dust and bright sunrays
  • Use medicated shampoo which are available at any General Store in India 
  • Chemical based shampoo should not be used for hair washing

Medicated shampoo in India is used widely to get rid of hair problems like itching, dandruff, grey hair, hair fall and so on. It also treats bacterial and fungal infection and kills vermin. It provides good shiny texture with good length. It is one of the best ways to give healthy care to your hair.

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