Opt For An Anti – Dandruff Shampoo

 In most people an itchy scalp seems to be a perennial problem. There are certain itchy hair conditions that take a toll on a dry scalp whereas in other cases it works out to be an oily scalp. It would be of paramount importance to figure out the reasons behind an itchy or a dry scalp so that an effective and proven treatment can be worked. The onus would be to figure out the problem, diagnosing the course of treatment and working out a module for dealing with it. Of late the use of ketomac tablets has proven to be of considerable value. In case if you are facing issues with flaking or itching of the scalp occurring due to dandruff it is necessary to shift over to an anti -dandruff  shampoo.


The main reason for a dry and itchy scalp is due to dandruff. This ceases to be indeed the major reason for dandruff and urgent treatment is called for at the earliest.

The market is flooded with various types of products but out of them Ketomac shampoo seems to be the best product in this regard.

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis could be a major reason for an itchy scalp. This means that you need to have a sensitive skin or might have had adverse reactions to the use of skin care products in the past. There are some scalps that are sensitive as compared to the others. The hair care products in the form of certain elements can be a cause of concern. Even shampoos might be incorporated with certain elements that can be a cause of allergies.

There are various elements that could be overlooked by the skin. The skin is known to filter out undesirable elements but possibility of skin triggering as a response of inflammation and even to be killing those elements. The inflammation can lead to an itchy and even a red scalp.


Referred to as tinea capitis, you cannot term them to be as ringworms. They are given the name as they replicate the same pattern on the skin.  But the possibility of spotting such red or itchy spores on your hair is indeed a difficult task in itself.

You can ringworm on the similar lines as dandruff because fungus is responsible for it. Worse news is that it can be contagious. If you leave it untreated it can lead to hair loss. Not only the fungus is active on the scalp but even the hair follicles. If ringworm has been detected not only apart from topical cream you would be needing oral medication. Even the use of ketomac tablets would be of utmost importance.

The main reasons for the product build up are due to the use of hair styling products . This is in particular reference to the products that have silicone content. At an initial phase they would leave your hair shiny and dry. But in due course of time if you do not wash them the hair would become lifeless and dull.

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