Popular Myths on Dandruff vs. the truth

Dandruff is common. Nearly every human being deals with dandruff at least once in a lifetime. Since it is very much common there are many myths are associated with it. But you need to face it. Myths are myths. They are not true in most cases. This article will help you to realize that myths are not true always.

Myth 1# Dry scalp causes dandruff

Status- false

This popular myth is totally false. Dandruff is caused by a fungus named Malassezia. This bacteria eats off the oils produced by glands of our scalp. This makes the scalp to shed the skin faster and hence you get those stubborn flakes in your mane. But, dandruff is not caused by a dry scalp. Yes, drys has similar symptoms like dandruff. But they are totally different. Dry scalps do not have that much oil to feed the fungus. Hence, stop believing. The thing is oily scalp produces more oil and has a greater chance of developing dandruff.

Myth 2# dandruff are seasonal

Status- false

Yes, this popular belief is also baseless. The oil-producing glands in your scalp are always working. They do not overwork in certain seasons. So, if someone says that dandruff are seasonal do not believe it. Dandruff can happen anytime. You may need to use an anti-dandruff shampoo to cure yourself. Search ketomac shampoo use in Hindi or another language to know more about it.

Myth 3# dandruff is contagious

Status – false

Yes, dandruff does not spread to one another. The fungus Malassezia is found in everyone’s scalp. Some have a lot of them and some very few. But this fungus does not spread from contact. Hence you do not have any chance to catch dandruff from another person.

Myth 4# dandruff causes baldness

Status – true

Yes, the bitter truth is that dandruff can lead to baldness. Dandruff is an indirect factor of baldness. With dandruff, you pull your hair and stretch your hair more frequently. So, your hair breaks off. There are many shampoos that prevent dandruff and baldness at the same time. Search keto mac shampoo hair loss in Hindi or in any other language to know more.

Myth 5# dandruff are hereditary

Status – false

Dandruff is not hereditary. Yes, baldness and grey hair and some other problems come through genes, but not dandruff. It does not get inherited.  Dandruff is caused by the yeast-like fungus Malassezia is fungus causes itchiness in the alp? It feeds off from the oils of your scalp and makes your scalp to shed skin a lot faster. This means you do not need to blame it on your genes. Just a good anti-dandruff shampoo and a great hair care routine will eliminate dandruff from your scalp.

Myth 6# Daily shampooing cures dandruff

Status -false

No, you should not shampoo daily to cure dandruff. Daily shampoo sessions will make your scalp and hairs more dry and itchy. Yes, shampoos can make the flakes less visible but nothing more than that. Even if you shampoo your hair daily it won’t kill the fungus causing dandruff. So, just wash your hair with a shampoo for two to three times a week. Please remember that a normal shampoo cannot fight against dandruff. You need a good quality or medicated anti-dandruff shampoo for this purpose.

Therefore, it is clear that not all myths are true. So, do not believe blindly in anything you hear. Dandruff is stubborn and you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid it.

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