Reduce The Size Of Male Breast, Find The Best Gynecomastia Surgeon

What is Gynecomastia?

A condition in which men develop breast is known as Gynecomastia. It is a condition characterized by a male developing breast tissue similar to a woman. It can be as small as a disc behind the nipple or a full-fledged breast. Any man can develop this symptom from puberty. Gynecomastia can occur from several things. It is a normal response to the pubertal hormone. It is perceived as quite embarrassing for them and may make them less likely to participate in social activities that might reveal their abnormal breast growth. Gynecomastia is likely caused by an imbalance between increased estrogenic activity and decreased androgen activity at the breast tissue level. Although there is the best gynecomastia surgeon who can guide you regarding the treatment, so there is nothing to worry about.

Several medical conditions are associated with this problem. The first step to determine this problem is the physical examination of the breast. The doctor always makes sure that these breast tissues are carcinoma or not. There are medical treatment options available for this problem. Sometimes, this condition can be cured by medicines only, but the patient needs to undergo surgery to cure it in other cases. Above eighteen years, people can only opt for surgery as it is not safe for those underages.

Symptoms of Gynecomastia

  • Enlarged breasts that feel very firm and rubbery.
  • You can see dark skin around the nipple. The nipples sometimes become tender and painful.
  • The breasts can sag and can give a different shape.

This problem is different from cancer, it is not a serious problem, and once you talk to the concerne and best gynecomastia surgeon , you can easily start the treatment. You have to go through a certain blood test and a mammogram to get a clear breast condition. Sometimes it can go by itself, but some people require reducing the breast size by surgery. It is important to seek the doctor’s help as the doctor will only suggest the correct treatment.

The surgical procedure of Gynecomastia

There are different methods to perform the surgery. It can be liposuction, or the excess tissues can be removed. The surgery is often performed under general anesthesia. You will wear a special kind of garment for the recovery time to support your breast. The time of recovery depends on the type of procedure that is performed. Results are normally permanent, and the surgery is safe in the longer term.

Follow all the medications that are prescribed by the surgeon. You should avoid stressful exercise until the muscles are fully healed and recovered. The doctor will advise you when you can start with normal activities. One should not worry or feel shy if going through this condition. The biggest problem with this issue is social acceptability and a sense of taboo attached to it. It is not a life-threatening issue, but one can feel conscious and depressed because of the body image. This condition is benign, and many males suffer from this. The treatment depends on the condition of the breast. So if you are one of them, you need not worry and contact the treatment top the doctor and change your lifestyle. 

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