Things to be aware about baby kicks

The baby kicks point to the fact that a life exists inside you. It does point to the fact that happiness is growing inside your womb and would emerge at any point of time to take over your life. The kicks of the baby are special and help you establish an emotional bond with your partner. It is not about hat as it points that the baby is having a healthy growth

Doctors suggest with a pregnancy kick counter you need to figure out the kicks of your little one. There are ample reasons on why such a measure is advocated on their behalf.

Firstly kicks point to a normal growth or even development of the baby. It is pretty much easy to understand when the baby is active if they are able to tumble, roll and turn. The moment a baby stretches out their limbs you do feel a flutter in your abdomen. Once you proceed towards the distinct stages of pregnancy the moments go on to become a lot distinct.

Secondly the kicks of your baby do vary as per changes in the external environment. The food that you eat or the varied set of noises can make a baby kick or move. Once you touch around 20 weeks of pregnancy the foetus is able to hear low pitched sounds. Once you proceed in pregnancy it moves towards the high pitched sounds. All these movements point to the normal growth pattern of the baby. The food that a mother consumes during pregnancy would trigger response to various types of foods. The baby is being introduced to the various flavours by the help of an amniotic sac which surrounds the baby inside the womb. The baby may showcase a like or dislike towards the food.

Thirdly a baby kick counter indicates that kicks of a baby are going to increase when you are lying on the side. When you are sleeping on the left or the right side the supply of blood increases in the process improving your movements. The moment a baby sleeps on the back the baby tended to become less active. This means they are in conversation mode of oxygen. Only when a mother slept on the left or the right side the babies were more of in an active state. The moment a mother change their sleeping position the baby did go on to change their activity state.

Lastly you do feel the kicks after 9 weeks. When a flutter is felt in the early weeks of pregnancy it showcases to the aspect of pregnancy. These movements do go on to start in the 7th week of pregnancy which would be really early for a mother to be even feeling them. In a typical situation the babies are going to kick after 9 weeks of gestation once they begin to move their limbs. The kicks can be detected with ease when you go on to conduct an ultrasound. Any loopholes can be rectified and remedial measures taken at the earliest.

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