Place your Ganesha tactfully in the house

Ganesha is said to be a very important deity when it comes to Hindu religious beliefs. Though at present, not only in India but this likeness has spread to other countries as well and especially towards the East. The symbolism of Lord Ganesha is also very deep.

A lot of people love to use Ganesha idols or Ganesha paintings as a home décor because it can really elevate the aesthetic sense of the room. One can buy Ganesha painting online or can look for Ganesha idols which will match well with the other decors and the color of the room where they want to display it. But one must not just buy them and decorate the room the way they want it. There are some basic rules that one has to keep in mind when they are placing the deity idol or the painting in a room to get the maximum positive energy from it.

  • First of all, one always has to keep in mind what exactly is the symbolism of Ganesha and why the deity is worshipped. Ganesha is placed in a house so that the devotee can bask in the light of success and happiness. If the Ganesha has its blessings on an individual then it can become really fortunate for them and they can overcome a lot of troubles.
  • There are actually some specific places where one can keep their Ganesha idols or paintings so that they can get the vibration of success. If one believes in Vaastu Shastra then it is best to keep the idol or the painting in the north east corner of the house. In fact one can also convert it to a study or a meditation room with a huge Ganesha painting on the wall.
  • If one is seeking peace, happiness and prosperity then they can go for a white Ganesha idol because white is a color which is always associated with peace and prosperity. Those who believe in self growth can keep a colorful and vibrant Ganesha painting in their living room. This can represent the spiritual ascendancy of mankind. One can get a lot of focus and concentration power because of this.
  • Idol or paintings of a sitting Ganesha can be best if one wants to bring calmness in their house. This also spreads a lot of positive energy at home and one can prosper in life.
  • Not only the painting or the idol of Ganesha placement is important but one also has to keep an eye on the trunk positioning of the deity when they are buying it.If the Ganesha has the trunk tilted towards the left then it is good to place in the house. It brings a lot of happiness in the house.

When one is looking for Ganesha wall décor buy online then at first they need to decide that which room they want to install it. According to that they need to think about the size and type of the painting.

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