How to pick the right summer clothing to keep the heat at bay?

When is around the corner the first thing that comes to one’s mind is how to dress and go out in the scorching heat. As the temperature keeps rising the need to keep oneself cool becomes really important. Heat and sun can bring in a lot of problems like sweating excessively, getting dehydrated, getting tanned, rashes, etc. one can keep themselves cool from within by drinking lots of water and juices. But what about keeping oneself comfortable from the outside. For that one should choose clothes carefully and mindfully. Wearing a wool scarf woman will not be a clever choice, but picking a linen summer dress can make a lot of difference.

Cotton and linens

Summers are meant for breathable clothing which is light in weight. Breathable c, nothing means fabric which has larger weaves and thus the air passes through them easily. Synthetic fabrics tend to have smaller and more compact weaves and that makes them less breathable. When the air passes through it helps in drying the sweat quickly and also control the temperature changes easily of the skin.

Cotton and linen are usually the best choices when it comes to summer clothing. One can pick cotton dresses, t-shirts, shirts, trousers, etc. cotton and linen are both natural fibres and therefore are highly hypoallergenic means they will cause any type of rash or skin problem. also because they are breathable in nature, like towels they will soak the sweat and will keep the skin dry and bacteria-free. Make it a point to choose cotton over everything else. After all, cotton is the most usable fabric out there as it helps in creating clothing, accessories like scraps and are chosen by bags manufacturers as well.

Loose and mindful clothing

When it comes to summers, the choice of clothing is not just about the fabric but also about the type ofdog clothing and the fitting. Summers can be quite stuffy at places and at some places can be highly humid, therefore the clothes should be chosen accordingly, for the places where the climate is quite stuffy and humid, it is better to choose loose and sleeveless clothing to avoid skin suffocation.

However if the summers in the area are super dry and the sun is scorching throughout the day, it is crucial to choose to the cloth that will protect one’s skin from UV rays and suntan. In these places, one should opt for clothes which are loosely fitted but are covered to avoid sun exposure. Too much exposure to the sun will not only cause tanning and sunburns but can also lead to major skin problems in future.

Also one should not wear tight clothing so to make the blood circulation more optimum, the reason behind this is the fact that to remove body heat and tp the keep the body cool, the blood vessels tend to get more dilated. Loosely fitted clothes will make sure that the heat loss is optimum and that the blood circulation is healthy as well.

Mind the colours

Colours have their heat absorption power and therefore one should be mindful while picking clothes during summers. Darker colours will always absorb the sunlight and thus will make feel more hot and stuffy. But wearing lighter colours like yellow, beige, white, grey etc will reflect the light. Therefore this will reduce heat absorption and will keep the body cool.

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