Top five Japanese restaurants Lexington ky

Asian restaurants serve extensive variety of Cantonese, Japanese, Thai, Cambodian and Chinese cuisines which are loved by one and all. They use mix of traditional and modern methods of cooking food which includes grilling, steaming and fermentation. Food is prepared using fresh ingredients and vegetables. Some Asian restaurants also have live grill installed in their restaurants for preparation of authentic dishes. Chefs ensure that the cuisines prepared by them retain their flavor and taste. They have started to use modern methods of cooking without compromising with the nutritional value of food. Different types of dishes are prepared in an Asian restaurant. However, Seafood is their main area of expertise which includes sushi as their staple Chinese dish. Moreover, various Asian dishes are high in medicinal value and can help in reduction of cholesterol. Asian dishes combine both taste and nutrition which makes them a whole package.

Top five Japanese restaurants Lexington ky:

1. Tachibana Japanese Restaurant:

The restaurant offers hibachi tables and dedicated sushi bar which attracts thousands of customers from different parts of the town and country. Moreover, the drinks menu offers delicious cocktails and traditional sake to their customers. The ambiance is a combination of traditional and modern Japanese set up. Dishes are prepared using authentic ingredients and are served hot and fresh. Even the staff is friendly and courteous towards customers.

2. Asian wind:

The restaurant is famous for its Pan Asian cuisines which includes variety of dishes. Hot and sour soup is their specialty which is served along with bread sticks. Moreover, the tempura chicken is served hot and prepared using fresh meat. The atmosphere at the restaurant is welcoming and is suitable for a comfortable lunch or dinner. Customer service is great which cannot be matched by any other restaurant. According to online customer reviews orange chicken with fried rice is the most delicious dish prepared at the restaurant.

3. Panda cuisine:

One of the best Chinese restaurants, panda cuisine serves great hot pots and other Sichuan dishes. The drinks menu offers best and high quality wine to their customers. One can find great selections of non veg and vegetarian Chinese cuisines at the restaurant. Moreover, one can opt for Saturday buffet dinner which offers great variety of food and is easy on the wallet. Customers also get an additional 10% discount on payment with cash. The restaurant has Pork ears, loins and a variety of meats.

4. J2C Asian Bistro:

No restaurant can match the quality of food, customer service and prices offered at J2C Asian Bistro. The restaurant serves authentic Hong Kong food at prices which are affordable. General Tsao and Orange Chicken are their specialty. Moreover, crab rangoons are excellent and stuffed with fresh veggies. Dishes are cooked using the best methods to bring out the real flavor and taste.

5. Shanghai Bistro:

This is a casual eatery which offers great variety of Chinese dishes. Portion sizes of the dishes served at the restaurant are generous and are sufficient for the person ordering it. Dumplings and shrimps are their specialty.

These are some of the great Asian restaurants Lexington ky which must be surely visited by the Chinese food lovers.

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