The Similarities between buying from amazon and from mall

With the increasing Internet popularity and the growing number of options for online buyers, more and more people are turning to amazon to meet their shopping needs. In response to the trends, innumerable retailers have improved their online stores, giving their customers the same comprehensive experience as they get in a mall.


Like the mall, online shopping from amazon offers a wide range of shops. Almost like every shop that you find in a mall, amazon also have same items. Most retailers can be found with a fast Internet search.


The online shopping experience, at amazon offers a wide range of products to choose from. If you want a dress, a simple search can produce thousands of dresses in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colours. As in a department specializing in a shop, the search criteria can be restricted to display the most appropriate results, such as “party dresses” or “Boys shoes.”

Offers and sales

Most retailers offer the same deals on their website. Like the mall, online shops at at amazon typically have seasonal and end of season sales, sometimes with additional incentives like free shipping to online shopkeepers. The retailer’s site often reflects all available seasonal promotions and allows customers to pay vouchers and gift cards. In general, sales and promotions begin and end on the same dates in and online.

Interactive experimentation

Online shopping at amazon can be an interactive experience. With enhanced features on many websites for retailers, shoppers can see how an item looks in a different colour, size or send a link to a friend to get feedback.


Like purchases made in the mall, items purchased at amazon can also be returned for refund or exchange to the retailer. The conditions vary depending on the policy of the retailer. Many online shops, like mall stores, allow users to return items to reimbursement, while others only permit exchanges. Returns and exchanges on personal items like underwear and toiletries are not accepted in the mall or online, as you might expect.

Save money with Amazon Prime

The Prime subscription service of Amazon provides two-day shipping free of charge on items purchased from Amazon displaying the ‘Prime’ logo. Prime includes free delivery of items on the marketplace which sellers choose to deliver via the Amazon warehouse, but not most purchases from third parties. Including free basic shipping even without prime, orders over $35, but prime can save you a good deal if you need items delivered quickly or often place small orders.

Prime also includes extras such as Prime Instant Video, a Netflix-like streaming video service, Prime Music which provides free streaming music and the possibility to purchase a Kindle e-book from the Amazon Kindle Lending Library each month. Click “Your Prime” at the top of any Amazon page to start a subscription.

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Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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