6 Reasons Why You Should Consider PAT Testing

PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing, a process conducted in Great Britain and Australia to check electrical appliances regularly. It involves visual inspection of the equipment, checking its wires and cables, inspecting its sound, verifying proper earthing, and testing the body parts which carry current. The purpose of this Regular testing will also allow for the minimisation of accidents and liability risks within the workspace

Reasons for Conducting PAT Testing

It might occur to you, why you would consider taking this inspection. The present UK legislation clearly states that electrical equipment must be in safe conditions. PAT Testing surreyis thus a necessity for all businesses, in surrey, to provide safety to the employees. The main reasons to conduct the test are as follows.

  1. Statistics have shown that electricity is a globally recognised workplace hazard. It exposes employees not only to electric shocks but also causes burns, fires and explosions. We must not forget that it is better to be safe than sorry. To reduce the causes of hazards caused due to short circuits PAT testing is essential.
  2. Health and safety regulations authorities need to certify the appliance to be safe and usable. Manufacturers recommend timely services and safety checks of all devices in use.
  3. The test ensures that the equipment is in well-working condition. It should not disturb the worker working with it in any way. After the equipment passes the PAT test, the authorities consider it to be fit for work.
  4. The PAT tests are done to ensure the conformity of the instruments with the British Standard Code of Practise. The company conducts a series of tests to make sure that the instruments are compliant to the standards.
  5. Using unsafe machinery can lead to hazards on human health. They also cause businesses to have stunted growth. A fast manufacturing goods company needs to use machines that are safe, efficient, and in the right working conditions to deliver optimum outputs. PAT tests certify that such machines are good to go and would provide the best results.
  6. When it comes to hazards, we must not forget that prevention is better than cure. At home or offices, we must be vigilant about the malfunction of any electrical equipment. It might be a potential threat to someone else. Appliances, with a fail mark in PAT test, needs to be either repaired or replaced.

In short, the trust of the stakeholders and the clients is strengthened if the machinery is PAT certified. It provides everyone with the confidence to work in a safe environment for an extended period. All appliances are marked with a sticker once the PAT tests are successfully conducted.

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