New Streaming Sites

As entertainment continues to evolve, many providers are switching to streaming sites. With Netflix and Hulu still going strong, and Amazon, GooglePlay and HBOGo carving out their own spaces as well, it seems the future of prestige film and television could be on streaming sites. Industry experts like Heather Parry have great insight and perspective, but for now, check out the info on these upcoming streaming sites.


The biggest name making waves in the future of streaming is Disney+. Never before has Disney content been consolidated in such a capacity. With the entertainment giant gathering more and more properties every week, the amount of programming designed for the service is beyond that of any existing competitor. Disney+ will include content from Marvel properties, Star Wars, all Pixar releases, and classic Disney features.

Original content coming to the service will include Star Wars spin-offs “The Mandalorian” and a “Rogue One” prequel. Marvel content will included a prequel focused on Loki and another exploring the story of Wanda Maximoff and sentient robot Vision. With Disney’s wide net, there will surely be something for everyone. 

CBS All Access

CBS All Access launched a few years ago with a Star Trek reboot as its cornerstone production to hook viewers. Since then, the service has expanded to include “The Good Wife” spin-off “The Good Fight,” “Big Brother,” and syndicated properties like “CSI.” While the service initially received criticism for technical difficulties and high costs when compared to the programming itself, subscription numbers have continued to grow steadily. Subscriber totals have now surpassed 4 million.  

NBCUniversal Streaming

Netflix recently shocked subscribers by announcing that “The Office,” the iconic NBC comedy, would be removed from its service before the end of the calendar year. This is due to the creation of NBCUniversal Streaming, the next streaming site to jump into the game. So far, details indicate that many of NBC’s landmark series (“The Office,” “Parks and Recreation”) could be moving over to the site, but no word yet as to the status of archived episodes of “Saturday Night Live.” The site is expected to launch in April of 2020. Costs are also expected to mirror Netflix’s $10 a month model, but other reports indicate a monthly fee between $12 and $14. NBC knows how many people will pay to continue to watch the antics of everyone’s favorite Pennsylvania paper company, and they are going to take advantage to the very fullest. As more NBC and Universal properties are added to the roster, subscribers are only expected to grow. 

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