The Best Designed Blogs of 2018

Need some inspiration for your new blog? After you’ve set up your domain and WordpPress hosting, the first thing you should do is start looking for great blog designs. You’ll take away a lot of great ideas you can apply to your own blog. The only challenge is that you’ll have to sift through a lot of poorly designed blogs before you find some great ones. To help you start the research process, here are some of the best designed blogs we’ve found in 2018: 

1. Brit + Co 

Brit + Co is a shopping and lifestyle blog that uses pleasing color pastel palettes to create a vibrant feeling. The site also uses strong typography and makes it a pleasure to read. These two design elements with the logo create an atmosphere that makes you want to delve into the posts and look through everything the blog has to offer. 

Some of the little details that make the design stand out are the alternating backgrounds. Sections alternate between white and light pastel patterned backgrounds as if you’re going through rooms with different wallpaper designs. 

2. Barkpost 

Barkpost is a simple but beautiful dog blog that shines with the small details. The first thing you’ll notice is that the top navigation menu has a horizontal drop down menu. It initial links start out as categories and drop down into sections where you can choose from various subcategories. When you mouse over the subcategories, it brings up the latest posts in the subcategory you’ve chosen accompanied by a teaser image. 

The main page itself uses different layouts for the blog posts. This helps to separate different types of content while also keeping things interesting. You’ll find yourself paying attention to different posts just because the layout pattern broke into a new structure. 

3. Jess Ann Kirby 

Jess Ann Kirby is a lifestyle blog that is beautifully designed. The background uses watercolor painting as the theme, making it appear like an artsy novel cover. The different sections and widgets are also accented by what looks like strokes of watercolor paint which makes the design very tasteful and inviting. 

The blog also uses interesting elements in the design. The share buttons are positioned on the left hand side of the site so that you can share the content without scrolling to the very bottom. Instagram and Pinterest feeds are integrated into the blog so that you can share the social media content. Everything on the blog is really well thought out. 

4. The Travel Episodes 

Travel blogs always manage to make it on our lists but The Travel Episodes managed to really catch our eye in 2018. When you land on the blogs, you’ll notice that the posts teasers are laid out as full page which really helps to set the tone. When you actually click and go into one of the posts, that’s when the magic starts happening. 

Their content really focuses on storytelling. It starts out with beautiful video introductions that set the stage for the rest of the content. The content itself is written like an exciting editorial. Quotes, headlines and blurbs are used to keep your attention while amazing travel photos support the story to provide a satisfying experience. 

5. The Quintessential Mind

The Quintessential Mind is a blog for intellectuals that want to read about self development, psychology, philosophy, culture, and more. The design does a perfect job of expressing the theme. It starts with a beautiful logo that exemplifies the content you’re about to find on the blog. The core colors of the blog are composed of black and gold with violet used on some of the headline text. 

The content layout itself has a very clean grid design that gives each teaser post its own space and aligns different parts of the site perfectly. There are also very smart elements that you can use for your own site. One element that really stood out the most was that the offer for the site’s book would stay locked in the right hand menu as you scrolled down. 

6. George Hahn 

George Hahn is a men’s lifestyle blog. The blog itself focuses on a demographic interested in becoming a modern gentleman. The aesthetic of the design really fits the target demographic well. A minimalist yet stylish typography and layout is used to set the stage for the rest of the site. The site itself opens with a three-post slider with helpful text overlays. 

The content is all properly categorized so that the readers can quickly get an understanding of where it falls. The sidebar also reads very well with plenty of negative space, readable font, and a sleek design. This blog is a perfect example of how to execute a minimalist design without being boring. 

7. Street Gentry 

Street Gentry is urban lifestyle blog that features content about fashion, tech, music, art, and more. Right off the bat, you’ll see a great example of strong branding with the brand logo icon and typography. The site aims to be contemporary with its navigation menu. The different categories open up into blog post image teasers. 

The main page itself has a very captivating layout. It throws the typical predictable blog post patterns out the window and presents the posts in five layout patterns. The great thing about how they do it is that they still manage to present the content in a clean and organized manner. If you’re looking for an inspiring design that’s way out there, this is the blog to check out. 

8. Hello Gemma 

Hello Gemma is a food and lifestyle blog. We love Hello Gemma because it uses a card-based design full of photos for the blog posts. The result is that it looks like a giant photo collage you can sort through. No borders are used so the photos kind of blend together in away to create an interesting presentation. 

The text is also hidden until you hover over it, so it kind of creates a mystery in terms of you don’t know what you’re really getting into. And that’s the point of the blog design. It’s to allow the users to discover cool posts by first making them disregard any agendas they had in mind. 

These are some of our favorite blog designs in 2018. If you want to get going with the design process after you’ve set up your WordPress hosting, you’ll want to compile a list of websites to draw ideas from. This will save you a lot of time as you won’t have to reiterate the design process trying to figure out how you want to approach your design.

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