The Ideal Image Sizes for Your Facebook Post

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that is a hot favourite of not only the netizens but also among those who are amateurs and have just started to explore the online world.

Naturally, businesses are leaving no stones unturned to make the most of this platform for promoting their business and images play a crucial role in conveying your message.

But creating images that are highly engaging for Facebook promotions is not a cakewalk. Apart form creating interesting and creative images about the brands, services and products that you offer, you should also ensure that your images abide by the varying upload sizes recommended by Facebook.

It is quite challenging to keep track of the various requirements of the images including the cover photos, profile pictures, shared links and so on. To help you with it, here are the ideal image sizes that you should stick to in order to make your Facebook Ad campaigns appealing. Take a look.

  • Facebook Cover Photo – This will appear on the Facebook Timeline and is a lot bigger than the profile picture. Therefore, you get more freedom to choose something that is creative. The profile picture can be a great choice for the brand logo.But you should use the space for cover phototo post something that conveys more as a brand. The guidelines are as follows –
  • Image appears at 820*312 pixels on page and if you choose anything less it will appear stretched.
  • It displays as 640*360 pixels on smartphones and 820*312 pixels on desktop.
  • The minimum size is of 400*150 pixels.
  • Upload an sRGB JPG file lower than 100 KB for best results.
  • This doesn’t display on the feature phones.
  • Images with a text or logo may be as best as the PNG file.
  • The business page dimensions are similar to that of the personal accounts.
  • Facebook Profile Image–Though the profile image is not as prominent as the cover photo, the profile image is of crucial importance as it will be displayed at the top of the page and will be seen by most visitors. The guidelines are as follows –
  • The photo must be 180*180 pixels.
  • The photo thumbnail will appear at 32*32 pixels throughout Facebook.
  • The photo will appear as 128*128 on smartphones, 170*170 pixels on the desktop and 36*36 on most of the feature phones.
  • The business images will be cropped to fit a square.
  • Facebook Post or Shared Images – A shared image is one of the most common forms of sharing on Facebook. It will appear on the timeline and will also show up on the walls of your followers or your followers’ newsfeeds. But with decrease in organic reach, it is not likely that everyone will see it. The more people will engage with the post the more likely it is that the rest of the followers and their followers will be able to see the activity. The guidelines are as follows –
  • The size recommended for the upload of the image is 1200*630 pixels.
  • This image will appear on the page at the maximum width of 504 pixels which will scale to maximum scale of 1:1.
  • This image will appear with the max width of 470 pixels.
  • Facebook Shared Link Images–This is a great tool that lets sharing a link. It is very similar to posing a shared image.  You can create a shared link with large rectangular image with text beneath or with small square image to the left with text on the right. The guidelines are as follows –
  • The size recommended for the upload of the image is 1200*628 pixels.
  • Rectangular Photo: In feed will appear as 470*246 pixels.
  • Rectangular Photo: On page will appear as 484*252 pixels.
  • Square Photo:In feed will appear as 154*154 pixels.
  • Square Photo:In feed will appear as 116*116 pixels.

                                 Facebook will scale the images using the minimum dimensions. So increase the image resolutions while scaling.

  • Facebook Event Images–The Facebook events assist in capturing the attention of the users and cutting through the noise in Facebook. The dimensions are as follows-
  • The recommended upload size is 1920*1080 pixels
  • Facebook will scale down to minimum dimensions of 470*174
  • In feed it shows as 470*174 pixels.

The above are some of the ideal size for a Facebook post that you can use for promoting your business in the best possible way on this popular platform.

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