What are essential in hamta camp has?

At the high ridge of hamta village the hamta camps are built, the may feature of the tent is that the visitors can view the sun shy every day of their journey period so it could be an outstanding journey of the visitor where they could also hear the rhythmic tune of the brides and sun shy behind the mountains. The 150 restored years old home services the camp kitchen and other quarters. The camp built my facing sunrise so this gives pleas sent minoring for the visitors. Also, the visitors can have to access their private tents, dining and lounge area, orchards. So this gives the visitors to feel free to explore their travel was it make you comfort zone as you are staying at home.

In this came visitors have a great destination for night photography, Astor photography, and colorfully sky dance view and Milky Way galaxy. were this camp has unique weather conditions is that the visitors can have ultimate summer and winter conditions, without any traffic the camp people can have rejuvenation in the lap of nature. The wide camera person can prefer this camp because it can catch a unique picture and also you can have bleu atmospheres in you are journey life, this call also called as heaven and unique viewpoint in the world.

What is the best time to visit Manali?

 Plan travel with beast weather condition because this is one best advantage in you are a journey. If you plan on rainy days it may be a little quiet beatify and you can visit, view or have jolly every day due to the rainy. If you are plan for the journey, prefer weather conditions where it gives you can jolly and have entertainment in the camp. So plan Manali camping between Mach to June, where the weather has 10- 25 Celsius degrees which is summer condition. Which feel the visitors have comfortably warmed? Or plan between October to February the season condition well be – one degree Celsius how what it winters reason the visitor can have the feel of chilly welcome.

 What is the benefit of camping?

 Since you are spending time in the natural place you can gain fresh air which this may lead to having good health and relax from stress. And it will also improve you are mood so after the trek you can face your stressful job in a cool way and also you have self-knowledge growth. Where outdoor night sleep gives you fresh mind awaking. So that well you can feel as freshen through and also negative turned into positive if you are started to travel.

Bottom line

 Spend you are time with fresh oxygen with tall mountains and apple orchard and gigantic deodar trees, where this tree offers you fresh and juicy fruit which you could buy at your regional place. So this also could be a benefit in you are travels having the fresh fruit and food of another regional place in quite special and tasty.

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